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Julian ([personal profile] shouei) wrote2008-09-22 04:47 pm

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I bring you sketches done in class 8D; Bored Linh is bored. Most of these are on lined paper, sorry :< AND DON'T MIND THE CRAP I DREW ON THE BACK OF THE PAPERS >__>;;;; [is haphazard]

1 x Squalo
1 x Shouichi
1 x Byakuran
1 x Mukuro
1 x Dino/Lambo lovechild thing
3 x Spanner
1 x Spanner/Shouichi

Ew, Spanner looks like he's on drugs :<

Gah Squalo. He doesn't look fierce enough.

And Mukuro just looks wrong. REALLY, REALLY WRONG.

I started drawing this with Dino in mind, but it came out to resemble Lambo for some reason. Oh well.

This is about the only one that came out semi-ok.

Ahahaha. Spanner doesn't look like himself.


Shou-chan looks... ok.

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